Everybody Eats Community Garden

Everybody Eats is committed to helping produce foods of the highest possible quality while growing within a community of positive minded people working to make the world a better place, one plant at a time.

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Do you want to grow your own vegetables? Do you want to learn more about gardening? Are you looking for a community of open minded people to spend time with this summer? Everybody Eats Community Garden is currently seeking gardeners, volunteer groups and sponsors for our newly expanding garden project! Be sure to check out our calendar for upcoming events.


Partnership between Pagans in Need Lansing and Inner Ascended Masters Ministry

Since 2014, PIN-Lansing has helped innumerable families with necessary food, clothing, personal care items, and household supplies. In 2016, Pin-Lansing and IAMM came together in the shared vision of feeding people. In that first year, we were but a small group of gardeners, donating the bulk of our produce to the food pantry PIN-Lansing. 



Regular garden parties are a thing here at Everybody Eats! Twice a month we get together as a large group to hammer out any labor that needs to be accomplished. By coming together, we create a strong, loving community. Of course, you can still work in the garden on your time, and that's where the sharing box comes in! Harvesting more Zucchini than you can eat? Drop it in the sharing box and know that it either goes to a family in need or a fellow garden-mate.  Our garden was designed with YOU in mind by being a loving, interfaith setting. EVERYONE is welcome here. Even you Humanists :) 



It's an amazing thing to see your work pay off. 

Meet Our Garden Leaders: 

Cindy Colson

Cindy is a simple lady, happily retired who enjoys family, music, gardening, yoga, and helping to bring sunshine into the lives of others. She loves to get dirty, and loves to help others get dirty too! 

Bill Ehle

Bill is an awesome guy, he just doesn't want to get up off of his bio. So if you want to know more about him, run up to him, give him a big old hug and ask him! We're sure he'll love it! 


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