"Was great! Feel much better-- the arms especially." 

"Every time I come the meditation brings me closer to the peace, and the imagination of what the world was to me when I was a child. It allows me to forgive difficult things and enjoy and be happy with the little things in this life. Really mind opening and relaxing."

"I feel grateful because this is very relaxing and even if I sat at home and listened to the same music with the same lighting etc., I would still feel anxious and more anxious, but coming here helps me to achieve peace of mind."

"Thank you ... Very pleasant, Happy to be a part of a new experience (with) open minded sincere people."

"Very calming, relaxing and re-energizing experience" 

"It was real cool, I liked how it made me feel!"

"WOW! a warm sensation came over me and my back feels better. My hands even feel better. This is amazing!"