July 13th

We had another great week!

Tuesday's meditation found us revealing some past stuff and then clearing it.  It was decided that there was potential for someone to uncover things during this meditation that might require the presence of a practiced healer to completely resolve and that it would be irresponsible and potentially dangerous to post here.  So, no sound file for this week.

Sunday's service found us continuing our exploration of Buddhism.  We are looking at a comparison to Christianity and, in some cases, other religions.  Our Inspirational reading "The Noble Eightfold Path"comes from the Daily Theosophy web page:

The Noble Eightfold Path: Right View, Right Intention, Right Speech, Right Action, Right Livelihood, Right Effort, Right Mindfulness and Right Concentration: By understanding these truths and following this path, one can reach liberation from sorrow and rebirth.

One of the beauties of Buddhism is that is so simple in principle. Just by paying attention to the above eight steps of the path one can reach liberation from sorrow and problems. The steps are universal – they can be applied by anyone in the world, whether they know something about Buddhism or not. It is as valid for simple-minded as for complex-minded people, of all genders and origins. One just thinks or meditates on all of these steps naturally, and practices them in daily life to the best of one’s insight and intentions. It involves no special yoga or other exercises, no asceticism or monkhood, no crutches, no methods. 

It derives simply from Truth itself – without complications. No prescriptions or gurus are needed to follow this path. In one’s heart one knows what is right view, right intention, right speech, and so on.

The path that leads to ending of sorrow is so simple that many people tend not to believe it. Think however about the consequences of each of these steps and it becomes clear that the path of life can be followed without suffering, without illusions, without mental and psychological problems, and as a result, without physical suffering. Nirvana is rare because people would rather follow their delusions and seek for immediate psychological satisfaction; still nirvana is our real nature and our birthright, it is not far away – it is just being aware of reality.

To know this is our inborn wisdom, intuition, our birthright. According to one's natural practice one becomes pure and calm of mind. Craving after illusions which lead to temporary contentment & disappointment disappears naturally; logically. No longer will problems be accompanied by fear. No more will failure lead to frustration. Even the desire for the illusions of worldly existence disappear naturally when one is awakened. We are no longer in a hurry, because we know ourselves to be of eternity, and we are doing what is right in the present.

It is always nice to see the looks on people's faces as they discover knew knowledge and find immediate application to themselves and their lives.  We look forward to next week as we continue to explore Buddhism.