Homework 20180131

Obtain a Journal

Find a passion


  1. PROMISE! "I will revitalize my practice with new intensity and focus!" Remember: "Do not seek enlightenment unless you seek it as a man whose hair is on fire seeks a pond."
  2. Daily meditation
  3. Use your tools (whatever your passion is)
  4. Speak your truth

USE your journal: 

  1. Before you start your practice, WRITE DOWN YOUR GOAL (remember to leave a few pages blank for updates)
  2. Where do you feel you are? 
  3. How do you expect to obtain your goal? 
  4. How do you feel? 
  5. How do you expect to feel? 

More Journal ideas: 

  1. What about your master? Have you done any research on them? How do you feel about it? 
  2. What about a personal mission statement/dedication? 
  3. Anything you learn whether from the internet, a friend or just plain intuition, about your passion, WRITE IT DOWN!