A quick introduction to our ministers...


Pastor Aaron Ayres

Born and raised in Lansing, MI, Aaron spent over 25 years traveling across the country from the U.P. to Florida; from Virginia Beach to Seattle as well as abroad in Europe, Africa and the Middle East, studying and practicing many forms of spirituality.  Now equipped with many certifications and much training he has returned to his native Lansing to share with anyone and everyone wishing to attain their highest spiritual potential.

Rev. Toni Ling

Born in Connecticut, raised in Arizona, Toni traveled the world meeting many different cultures! After searching and searching, she finally found a place to call home in her faith. Being a veteran, she has a no-nonsense approach to crisis intervention, and tends to be a little blunt in the tongue. If you wish for an answer that has no fluff or sugar, contact her!

Toni provides services such as Numerology, Tarot readings and Reiki. She says that, 'often times, a Reiki session is many practices rolled into one.' She receives messages for the client during her Reiki sessions, and this allows the client to work through many problems in a more direct way.