White Buffalo Calf Woman

Peace Offerings

This master heralds the resolution of an argument or misunderstanding.  Those involved in the situation are ready to forgive and forget.  Be open to see the other person’s point of view to soften ant hard feelings.  As you allow compassion into the situation, love’s healing power ensures that everyone’s needs are met harmoniously.  Leave the details about how this situation will be resolved to the infinite wisdom of spirit.

Additional Meanings: Be willing to forgive.  Have compassion for everyone involved in this situation, including yourself.  Accept another’s apology.  See the humor in the situation.

Who she was:  White Buffalo Calf Woman is a prophetess who appeared to the Lakota Native Americans.  She presented the Lakota’s with a special pipe to amplify the power of their prayers and to bridge the connection between Earth and heaven.  As she turned to leave the tribe, she turned into a buffalo of different colors to signify the unity of all races of humanity.  She promised that she would return to help bring unity and peace to Earth.  The sign of her return would be the birth of a white buffalo calf.  Call upon White Buffalo Calf Woman to instill harmony into your relationships and for world peace.