What do I gain with a Membership? 

A membership account gives you unlimited access to our ever-growing library of meditations and sermons, as well as a message board to communicate with like mind people! All of these memberships provide the same content online. It's just a matter of what you qualify for. Give us a holler if you aren't sure ( helpdesk@lightiam.org , or that fancy chat right down there on the left ), and we'll help you figure it out.

Guess what? Membership costs can be tax deductible in whole or in part. Contact us for details. 


DY-NAM-O!!! This is for the people who:

  • Live far away from us and can't visit... 
  • Only stop in every so often because they're just too busy!
  • WANT to pay full price to further support the center... You generous person, you! 

Cost: $45 per month


Gift-giving anyone?! This is for the people who:

  • Drop in kinda regularly, but... 
  • Miss more than they'd care too
  • Kinda tithe, but not really, or aren't sure (come talk to us if you aren't sure what you're doing with your money).
  • "I put money in the donation bin, but I think I average like $7.93 a month"

Cost: $22 per month

Ascended Masters?

WHAT?! These people do in fact exist, at least according to our Bylaws for membership. Are you one of them?

  • They tithe 10% of their income (sliding scale tithers count!). 
  • They give 10% of their talent.
  • They give 10% of their time.
  • Have an insatiable need for more!

Cost: FREE! Hey, it pays to tithe, doesn't it? 

  • Maintenance of the website and content
  • The homeless (via our blessing bags)
  • Community Garden
  • Community Outreach ( those that have trouble making ends meet)
  • PIN Pantry
  • The hungry guy that's always asking us for food
  • Grounds-keeping, i.e., our Meditation Trail
  • Day-to-day bills, like electricity and water

Seriously though, if you would like to see a copy of our monthly financial statement, just ask! We're highly financially transparent, because this is YOUR center, and YOUR money. 

Where does this money go? This feels fishy to me...